Specs And Features

Specs and Features of the Audibible® K1

The Audibible™ is solar-rechargeable audio player in a ruggedized package about the size of a cell-phone, capable of holding hundreds of hours of high quality audio content. Approximately 60% of the world’s population do not read and many of these live in remote locations without electricity and under harsh conditions.

Physical Features
  • Handheld, solar powered unit
  • Fast forward playback to help seek within a chapter
  • Play/pause indication
  • Brail navigation markings to assist the blind or visually impaired
  • Low battery indicator and charging indicator
  • Missing or unauthorised content indication
  • Designed to operate under a wide range of harsh conditions
  • Size: 112mm x 70mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 120 grams (4 oz)
Audio/Sound Quality
  • High audio quality and loud output from built-in speaker
  • High fidelity 3.5mm stereo headphone/line output jack
  • Thousands of hours of audio content can be stored on a 16GB micro SD card
  • Extensive content library available for standard messages, including Bibles, New Testaments and many other Biblical content
  • Content is stored on removable micro SD cards allowing an unlimited amount of audio content
  • Additional content can be loaded and removed in the field by authorised distributors using simple PC-based software and a Micro SD Card reader
  • Content protection prevents the player from being used with unauthorised content and protects the content from unauthorised use
  • Intuitive content navigation supports three levels of navigation
  • Navigation: title, book and chapter
  • USB charger
  • Earbuds
  • Micro SD card loaders
  • High quality rapid-recharge battery
  • Solar charged, offering 9 hours of playback time from a single day of average sunlight
  • Can be charged from a wide range of external DC power sources including 12 and 24V automotive sources
  • DC-in has reverse polarity and up to 60V load-dump protection
  • Rechargeable battery with long endurance and low self-discharge rate
  • Battery charging is automatically inhibited when the Temperature is too high or too low, thus preserving the battery from temperature damage
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