About Us

About Microtronix And Kivah

Microtronix (“MTX”) is a large independent commercial electronics subcontractor. We have a handful of our own products but mainly focus on producing electronic products for our clients. Some of our larger product ranges are set top boxes/decoders and TV boards that we supply to a few minor brands in SA as well as a host of smaller commercial type products including, but not limited to security and vehicles tracking products.

We are a Christian company and employ around 350 people over 3 large factory areas. When we were approached by Davar to produce the Audio Bibles we were delighted and literally jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Soon into the project we realized why we were chosen to be the supplier of this product.  The people at Davar were passionate about serving God and we soon became passionate about supplying these products, and from the very first units we adopted a cost model of “cost plus USD1” which we have maintained for the full 10 years of our association with Davar.

Over the past few years, MTX has also donated free of charge around 4,000 units to Davar and people in need. In fact, being a successful commercial company has given us the ability and means to simply produce as many Audio Bibles as possible based on the many blessings we have received in other areas of our business, and we do not rely on making a profit from the Audio Bibles in any way to maintain the profitably of MTX.

The Audibible® K1

I personally see this project as our means to return Gods favor for the blessings we have received or as our tithe to Him as a company. When Davar first approached us, we were producing an older version of the unit which was robust and served its purpose but was a bit “outdated”. MTX took it upon ourselves to upgrade the unit and “modernize” it at our own cost, and we undertook the new design. The new unit was designed by an Industrial design company who we discovered was also a strong Christian company and they were prepared to undertake the complete design free of charge, except for an exchange of 500 Audio Bibles which they again donated to various people in need. In addition, MTX covered the full tooling and production costs and these were never passed onto Davar.

Our Vision

In 2017 we became aware that Davar was looking to pass the distribution of the Audio Bible on to an alternate distributor.  We immediately volunteered to assume this role. My main motivation for this was to ensure the continuation of the product and consistency of supply. As soon as we offered this service to Davar, they were very happy, as, based on our history together they know our passion is to serve God and not to profiteer from the product. In order to better manage the distribution, we decided to split up the manufacture and distribution of the product into two separate companies.

Accordingly, for the distribution of the product we form “Kivah Distributors”, “Kivah” being an old Hebrew word meaning “to hope”. The logo has been designed to represent the Christian fish, albeit modernized. Part of the agreement with Davar when taking over distribution, was that we had to agree on three basic points:

Mission & Purpose

MTX commits to maintain the look, feel and integrity of the product, and will not make any material changes that would jeopardize the marketability of the product for at least a 2 year period.

Finally, and most importantly, MTX will donate free of charge audio players for new bible celebrations (currently estimated to be between 3,000-6,000 units per annum).

At the current cost of a unit it means Kivah has to find or raise in excess of USD75,000 per year to fulfill this requirement; therefore any small profits we make from the sales of units to anyone else will be used to donate more Audio Bibles to Davar and any other people in need. Kivah has very few expenses; only a small subsidy on two people’s salaries and a single office and storage facility and we can therefore supply the units at very close to our costs.

Our Goal

On a final note since the inception of this project I have had the conviction and calling to supply at least 1 million Audio Bibles.  As of 2018 we have produced around 250,000 and I am passionate about this project and intend keeping my promise to God to produce and supply at least 1 million units as fast as possible.

Kind Regards
Michael Goodyer
CEO Kivah Distributors/ Microtronix Manufacturing