1. God speaks your language
  2. 60% of people around the world cannot or struggle to read
  3. AudiBible® Audio Bible Player
  4. Listen to the bible in multiple languages and versions

Approximately 60% of the worlds population does NOT read

Audibible Player

Many of these people are visually impaired, illiterate or simply do not have access to the Bible or any type of reading materials. Furthermore many live in remote locations without access to electricity and under harsh conditions.

It is Kivah Distributors goal to assist missions, volenteers, church bodies and other like minded individuals in spreading God's word to these people by means of our audio Bible player, the Audibible® K1. Allowing them to truly hear the word of God.

The Audibible is a solar powered, rechargeable, hand-held audio player in a robust package about the size of a mobile phone, capable of playing back thousands of hours of high quality audio content. It's easy to use, and visually impaired friendly, the controls allow users to navigate verses, chapters and books at their convenience. Kivah has access to multiple Biblical libraries in various languages from all around the world, both paid and royalty free, thanks to the support of our like-minded partners and other Christian audio library societies. These audio players can be loaded with the your prefered verison of the Bible, both old and new testaments, and various other Biblical and Christian content in a wide range of languages.

For more information or to place an order for Audibible®, audio Bible players, please contact us here.